Session 5: Tumour metabolism and transformation

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     Z. Culig, Innsbruck (AT)
     A. Vlahou, Athens (GR)
Hallmarks of metabolic reprogramming in cancer
 F. Chiaradonna, Milan (IT)
RCC a metabolic disease: Consequences for diagnosis and prognosis
 M. Schwab, Stuttgart (DE)
The polyamines metabolism and prostate cancer
 F. Rizzi, Parma (IT)
Short presentations 2
O12 Diminished response of prostate cancer cells to antiandrogens upon co-culture with cancer-associated fibroblasts as shown in a 3-dimensional prostate cancer epithelial-stromal organoid model
 I. Eder, Innsbruck (AT)
O13 ESE3/EHF controls the Lin28/let-7 microRNA axis to restrain cell transformation and cancer stem-like compartment in prostate cancer
 D. Albino, Bellinzona (CH)
O14 Transcriptional downregulation of cholesterol synthesis revealed as a hallmark for prostate cancer after adjustment for confounding stroma
 M. Rye, Trondheim (NO)
O15 The Cripto/GRP78 signalling axis in the cross-talk of metastatic prostate cancer cells with the bone microenvironment
 F. La Manna, Leiden (NL)
O16 Interleukin-4 in the prostate cancer microenvironment increases clonogenic potential of tumour initiating cells
 G. Nappo, York (GB)
O17 Delineation of advanced prostate cancer evolution identifies chromothripsis as a polyclonal event selecting for FKPB4/52 as a driver of castration resistance
 D.C. Müller, Basel (CH)