Session 4

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     J. Ceraline, Strasbourg (FR)
     G. Jenster, Rotterdam (NL)
Molecular characterisation of disseminated cancer cells in prostate cancer: An insight into mechanisms of metastasis
 M. Guzvic, Regensburg (DE)
O-6 The kinetics of urinary and blood derived cell free mutant DNA in muscle invasive bladder cancer
 K.M. Patel, Cambridge (GB)
O-7 Development and validation of a prediction model using plasma proteins for second-line therapy response in metastatic renal cell carcinoma
 S. Hölters, Homburg (DE)
O-8 Potential role of a novel urinary biomarker-based risk score to select patients for multiparametric MRI for prostate cancer detection
 J.A. Schalken, Nijmegen (NL)
O-9 EVQuant: A novel extracellular vesicle quantification and characterization assay for scientific and diagnostic use
 T.A. Hartjes, Rotterdam (NL)
O10 Androgen receptor variants and microenvironment in prostate cancer
 E. Schreyer, Strasbourg (FR)
O11 Metastatic risk for ccRCC patients can be predicted by alterations in specific chromosomal regions
 J. Grimm, Homburg/saar (DE)